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Social Media Management

Houston Blog+Web offers social media management in addition to our other services. The importance of social media management for individuals and for businesses and other organizations is rapidly increasing and becoming more and more complex.

It is no longer enough to have a Twitter account; you need a great avatar and a professional background on your Twitter profile pages. It is no longer enough to have a Facebook account; you also need a Facebook fan page for your business or organization.

Got a blog? You should have at least one. And it needs to be properly networked throughout the social media.

Social media are highly effective if set up and used correctly. And we can do that. We have dozens and dozens of accounts ourselves and we create and maintain many more for our clients. For further synergy we often connect social media between our clients, so that they help each other to their mutual advantage.

We offer a variety of services, including social media image assessment, setting up and/or redesigning social media profile sites, maintenance and updates, and turnkey image management. In other words, we can get you started, improve your existing image, or even create and maintain an image on your behalf.

Contact Kathleen at 713-868-5664 or email kathleen@houstonblogweb.com for more information.

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