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Why You Need Social Media Management, Part 2

In the 1990s, some very large corporations ignored the World Wide Web, calling it a fad, until after the best domain names were gone. Do you know how many businesses are called Apple? How many companies and products are called Phillips? There are only so many unique IDs on any given platform.

Even if your name or the name of your business is unusual in your geographical or business area, chances are there are at least several others with similar names in this big old world. What happens to your reputation if theirs is bad, and people think they are you?

With a bit of time and study you can learn to manage your own social media, but it does take time. It takes time to learn, and it takes time to do the work.

More than that, it takes a particular kind of mind-set to plan and execute successful reputation management strategies. Even if you were in the PR business, you might not be the most objective person to manage your own image. If you are not a trained PR pro, it can be extremely difficult to get it right.

Just as you hire professionals to file your taxes, repair your plumbing, and fix your teeth, it can be well worth the money to hire a social media professional to manage social media for you. It takes us less time and we get more effective results.

For more info, see our new site, Social Image Pro.

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