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Search engine optimization (SEO) is what gets search engines like Google to find your site, index it, rank it well, and display it in search results so that potential clients and customers can find you. Without it, your site is like a small, dark shop on a little side street with no advertising and no traffic going by. Almost no one will know that it’s there.

Organic SEO

Organic search engine optimization is essential to the success of your website and/or blog. Much of what we do is invisible to site visitors (though we will be glad to show you), but it makes your site visible and appealing to Google and other search engines.

Invisible SEO includes, for example, meta keywords, meta descriptions, up-to-date web-standard coding, XML sitemaps, directory structure, and linking structure.

Other aspects of organic SEO are highly visible (not necessarily noticeable) to site visitors. Some are obvious, like great content, photos, and appealing design. Others are more subtle, like captions and alternative text on all graphics, including photos.

We make sure the search engines have every bit of spider food they need to find and favor your blogs and websites.

Part of organic SEO is simply great content that sounds like human beings wrote it. Google keeps improving its ability to recognize natural language and topical relevance.  The trend is toward rewarding good writing. Where Google goes, other search engines follow.

And, of course, quantity of content counts, as well as good internal linking.

Off Page SEO

Off-page search engine optimization is very powerful, too. It includes a variety of factors.

Directory listings (the behind-the-scenes directories that the search engines use for indexing)


Local listings and Google Maps

Social networking and social bookmarking


*Strictly speaking, advertising is not SEO, but it can be used to enhance your SEO program. Oddly enough, even advertising that you put on your own site, such as Google Adsense, can sometimes help your site. Ask us.

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