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Here are some of the sites we have designed and built in the last three years, including web sites, blogs, and combination sites. Some have only original content. Others incorporate articles by guest bloggers from across the world.

Abubakr was built for African drum master Abubakr Kouyate to describe his services for library, museum and school clients. The site was also intended to be used by students for reports and by librarians, teachers, and curators to print and attach to funding requests.

Angel Words and Art celebrates angels of all times, places and religions, featuring angel art, articles, stories and quotations.

Animal Deities offers information and videos on animal-derived deities such as Isis, Coyote, Grandmother Spider, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Anansi, Iktomi, and others.

Aquarium Bliss is an introduction to fish selection and care, aquarium selection, and aquarium keeping.

Art Fun Cheap offers ideas for fun, inexpensive art supplies, techniques and projects to make art fun again for adults and older children.

Astral Butterflies discusses the many types of butterflies and provides information how to attract butterflies to your garden.

Blog Design Journal focuses on blog design, blog-building and maintenance and the business of blogging.

Bonsai Dreams tells how to select, plant, and care for the many styles of Japanese bonsai and chinese potted trees.

Bubble Tea Fun celebrates the fun of making and drinking bubble tea, or boba tea, in all its forms. It provides recipes and sources for bubble tea supplies, ingredients, and accessories.

Dragonfly Lore celebrates the beauty and mystery of dragonflies, including their biology and habitat, how to attract them to your garden, the many species of dragonflies around the world, and dragonfly myths and lore.

Dragon Mystic is a fun site about dragons in all their forms, including the myths, beliefs, and festivals involving dragons around the world.

Dream Visions reviews books on dreamwork and discusses the many types of dreams, dream interpretation, dream journals, dream research, and working with dreams.

Earth Snark offers information and videos on the human practices that threaten all living things on Earth, such as pollution, mining, logging, and others.

Egret SEO publishes articles on search engine optimization (SEO) from all over the world. It discusses state of the art, best practices, hints, tips, and recommendations for optimizing websites and blogs.

Elephant Ghost discusses the threats to the remaining wild elephants and shows videos of elephant sanctuaries worldwide.

Essential Oil Essentials covers essential oils and how to use them for alternative therapies and aromatherapy. It discusses the uses of individual oils, aromatherapy tools and supplies, recipes, and so on.

Feng Shui Changes publishes articles on the history and application of all styles of feng shui, plus tips, book reviews, cures/remedies, and other recommendations for feng shui practice.

Halloweenish celebrates Halloween, including costumes, parties, decorations, party food, recipes, treats, safety, games, and fun for children and adults.

H.K. Gresham* ** is the website of our sister company, H.K. Gresham Associates, which provides marketing, advertising and public relations services.

Hobby Bliss is a blog and a portal to video sites on 27 popular hobbies, including cross-stitch, crochet, dance, drawing, gardening, knitting, model railroad trains, motorcycles, needlepoint, painting, quilting, radio-controlled vehicles, scrapbooking, and woodworking.

Houston Cheap Retail Space is a new site for listing and finding small, inexpensive storefront spaces for retail shops, insurance agencies, repair shops, tax preparation services, dental and medical offices, lawyers, bookkeepers, and other small businesses. It is a place for landlords, tenants, and real estate agents to find each other.

Houston Mobile Web offers mobile web site design and maintenance.

Hummingbird Lore covers the species, habitats, feeding of hummingbirds, including attracting them to your garden, selecting hummingbird feeders, and the myths and lore surrounding hummingbirds.

iPad Fun Tips is an iPad video site.

iPhone Fun Tips publishes articles on iPhone applications, accessories, tips, tutorials, and fun. Want to attach your iPhone to your TV? Find out how here.

Journal of Hypnosis covers all aspects of hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and self-hypnosis, including courses, books, selecting a practitioner, and more.

Kathleen Gresham** is a web content portfolio.

Koi Water Peace is about the beautiful, big Japanese carp called koi, including how to choose, feed, and care for them. It also includes pond design and maintenance, water gardens, pumps and accessories, and other compatible animals and plants.

Marketing Snark is a blog that snarks about marketing mistakes and how to avoid alienating current and potential clients and customers.

New Alternative Health Ideas is a huge complex of 47 video sites on different alternative health therapies.

New Health Ideas covers new medical research, alternative therapies, health and fitness, nutrition, relaxation, weight loss, mental health, and longevity for women, children, and men—of all ages.

New Mental Health Ideas shows articles on mental illness and treatments, plus a collection of mental health videos.

Rose Bliss is about understanding, celebrating, planting, and caring for roses of all types.

Shamanista is about the anthropology, archeology and practice of animism and shamanism.

Snark Remarks offers views on the absurdity of American political and social life.

Social Image Pro offers social media management services.

Talk Like a Texan covers Texas language, customs, humor and manners, in homey anecdotes with just a touch of Texas history and geography thrown in.

Tarot Texas is a fun site on the history and practice of the art of tarot decks and tarot readings.

Temples Gate* is the combined website and blog of a retail shop that sells metaphysical gifts, supplies and decor in many categories, including crystals, jewelry, feng shui supplies, angel art, books, music, greeting cards, Buddhist statues and supplies, incense, imported textiles and unusual decorative items.

Tengsha is about the use of sound for healing, including the medical research supporting it.

Web Fresh Leads* ** is the website of our sister company that helps small to medium-size businesses get new customers and make more money by dominating local Internet search results.

White Cranes discusses alternative healing.

Write Anything Well covers all aspects of writing well for any medium, for any occasion, and for every style and purpose.

* Site is functional but still a work in progress.  ** Site is scheduled for redesign.


  1. [...] For information on web design and blog-building or website analysis and consulting, contact Houston Blog+Web. You can view a list (with brief descriptions and links) to many of our web sites at http://www.houstonblogweb.com/our-sites [...]

  2. [...] For information on web design and blog-building or website analysis and consulting, contact Houston Blog+Web. You can view a list (with brief descriptions and links) to many of our web sites at http://www.houstonblogweb.com/our-sites [...]

  3. [...] For information on web design and blog-building or website analysis and consulting, contact Houston Blog+Web. You can view a list (with brief descriptions and links) to many of our web sites at http://www.houstonblogweb.com/our-sites [...]

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