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Customer Support Forums Can Save Money and Increase Customer Loyalty

Technical support of your company’s products or services can be expensive. There are several ways to cut tech support costs while improving service.

The first thing to do is make sure your product or service is easy to use and well documented. What seems obvious to you and others in your specialty may be confusing to even very intelligent and well-educated customers—especially if they are busy, tired, and distracted.

If you have help information on line (and you should!), make sure it is clear, easy and comprehensive. Get professional advice. We can help with that.

Once you have optimized your product, documentation, and online help, take a clear look at your support staff. Are they expert, friendly and patient? Or are they superior, dismissive or overworked?

Is tech support their main job, or just another task added to their workload? Try a few fake calls to test them with real-life user cases. Put yourself in the place of the customer.

Once you have done all that, consider starting an online customer support forum. Some products and services require them, especially complex products such as software or web hosting. This is not a substitute for a well-designed product, good user guides, and dedicated tech support staff; it’s a way to supplement them.

With an online support forum, one support representative can monitor many more customer questions. Best of all, customers can help each other. That creates a customer community that reflects well on you and increases customer loyalty.

Knowledgeable tech support and/or customer service people must regularly moderate the forum, of course.

We can design and set up the forum for you. We can also do the hosting, maintenance and upgrades to keep it running if you prefer. Or we can build it on your hosting and then show your people how to maintain it.

Talk to us. The price varies, depending on what you need.

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