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Online communities can be essential to your company’s success: for sales, support, customer communication, public relations, and search engine optimization. You and your company eventually build a reputation (good, bad, or mediocre—accurate or just wrong).

Whether or not you actually participate in social media, people will talk about you.

Communities take many forms. They include forums, review sites, blogs and email groups that pertain to your interest area, as well as social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and a host of others.

Your audience may consist of existing customers, potential customers, or shared-interest groups that contain existing, potential and former customers. We help you reach and influence them.

To keep your reputation positive, it must be monitored and managed. Otherwise, one or two bad apples can ruin it for you. That can cause you unforeseen business and social problems—possibly even legal problems—in the future.

Actively shaping your image on line and off line is referred to by several terms: image management, reputation management, community management, andsocial media management.

We actively manage online communities to

Attract new customers and sales

Make sure clients stay happy with your company

Minimize product support costs

Ensure repeat purchases

Encourage upgrades, updates and upsell buys

Generate buzz about upcoming product launches and new services

We offer a variety of standard and custom packages to suit your current and future needs, including social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and many more). Our services include: autoresponders and email lists, support desks, membership sites, forums, blog comment management, and all kinds of combinations.

We design, build, write and maintain Twitter, LinkedIn, and all kinds of other social community accounts for our clients. We also analyze and evaluate existing accounts and tell you want needs to be done with them. Over time, some accounts are no longer needed, others may need a revamp,  and new accounts should be added.

We also build and administer community sites such as membership sites (free, paid, and multilevel), forums (free, paid, and combo), directories, and other sites for our clients, according to their needs and requirements. We can also provide content or simply design and build them.

We can participate, moderate, and/or administer such sites for you—or simply set them up for you.

Because we have many years of experience and professional training in traditional PR and media relations, we can offer in-depth image shaping and reputation management. We offer complete corporate ID, logo design and personal reputation management packages.

We offer much more than just technical expertise and trendiness. We offer marketing strategy as well as tactics.

Call us at 713-868-5664 or email info@houstonblogweb.com to talk about your particular goals and needs.

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